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Frequently asked questions

Solar Water Heater

Solar technology is used in utilization and running of Solar Water Heaters

No, there is no usage of electricity in running Solar Water Heaters

Solar Panels (Photovoltaic cells / Solar cells) are installed on the terrace for harnessing the sun rays, the solar panels convert thermal energy which in turn aids the process of making hot water.

A solar geyser relies on solar power, which is a source of renewable energy, to work. For a solar water heater to work, it requires a set of solar collectors to absorb the solar energy. These collectors are then connected to an insulated tank that stores the hot water. When the sun is out, water is heated in the solar collectors which is then pumped or flown automatically through the thermosiphon principle to the storage tank.

A solar water heater utilizes the energy of sun which is available in abundance and free of cost, utilizing abundant and sustainable energy helps in preserving natural resources and life on the planet

A solar water heater provides hot running water for the entire family, the family can save money by saving the electricity used for running the Electric Geyser

Yes, Supreme Solar Water Heaters provide hot running water during winters and cloudy seasons through its Evacuated Tube Collectors water heaters

Yes, the solar panels need an area of around 60 sqft to 100 sqft, with this space the solar panels could be installed on the terrace

Yes, attractive offers are available on Supreme Products, also warranty period ranging from 1 year to 10 years is available on Supreme Solar Water Heaters